About us

We believe anyone can do aerial, and having seen first hand the benefits of aerial for children, we wanted to get as many kids in the air as we could! See our classes section to find out the specific benefits for each age group. We have plenty of options for ages 7 and above offering some (upside) down time. 

We are passionate about having fun: the key thred in all of our children's classes, parties and workshops. We are big kids who enjoy swinging and climbing, just like your little kids! 

Life really is better upside down!

We've been running our Youth Circus programme since 2013. Over that time, we've helped over 1000 kids defy gravity and find their happy upside down place! It might look like play, but underneath it all there's a heap of good learning going on. Circus and aerial skills are proven to improve kids strength, coordination, balance, stamina as well as motor skills and proprioception. So it's a win win! What's not to like? 

We run sessions from four venues across London - Bankside and Peckham. We have different sessions available for different age groups throughout the week, as well as half term and holiday workshops regularly available.

Visit our 'Classes' page for details on mid week sessions, or our 'Holiday Sessions' page for details of holiday clubs and camps. Or if you fancy getting the whole family airborne, check out the 'Family Workshops' in the 'Workshops' page. There's something for everyone! Come fly!

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