Covid-19 policy

The rules and regulations around best studio practice are changing daily, and we’re working hard to deliver the best quality classes we can under difficult circumstances. Needless to say, your health and safety will always come first at Flying Fantastic.

We have done a huge amount of work to put processes in place to keep other students safe while getting some much-needed endorphins. This will only work if we all adhere to them. So we ask that you respect other aerialists, be patient as we all get to grips with the ‘new normal’ and please let our team know if you see something that’s not right so we can sort it straight away.

It goes without saying that if you or your child is feeling unwell or has been in contact with anyone who is showing symptoms of COVID please do not come to class. 

Download our COVID-19 safety policy

Whilst we're aiming to deliver a 'normal' aerial class, there's a bunch of measures we're putting in place to keep each other safe. Some may feel a little 'different' which is understandable, but it's certainly not all bad. We are doing our best to keep it fun!

Things like reduced class sizes mean your kids get more airtime so enjoy it whilst it lasts! It's an ever changing landscape and we're not saying we're going to get it right all the time. So if you can think of other ways we could improve on what we're doing, please do let us know and we'll take your feedback on board. 

Download our COVID-19 policy