2 Day Holiday Workshops

Socially distanced circus!
Over the 6 hours, your children will learn to climb, hang upside down, spin and make a variety of moves and shapes on trapeze, silks and hoop. The classes are designed for children aged 7-15 and are either 2 half days or 1 full day. They cost £90 for both days. 
All our students work in small groups with an experienced teacher. All levels are welcome as we have multiple teachers in the room and beginners are well looked after as we teach everything low until they are confident to carry out the same moves a little higher! The sessions are progressive so it is not possible to do just one.

Christmas Half Term:
Bankside: 21st - 22nd, 10am - 1pm
Peckham: 21st - 22nd, 10am - 1pm

February Half Term:
Wimbledon: 18th - 19th, 9.30am - 12.30pm
Bankside: 19th, 10am - 4pm
Peckham: 15th - 16th, 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm


Bankside Wimbledon Peckham

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Your children will do a mixture of hoop/ trapeze, silks and slings. They will also try their hand at some ground based circus skills, to give their hands a rest. This workshop is a great way to try aerial for any newbees. 
For our regular students these workshops allow a bit more time than our regular classes to focus on new moves and get some upside down in the holidays! 

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These courses run in Bankside, Wimbledon and Peckham. Follow the buttons at the top of the page to book.