Bungee and Slings Workshop

Instead of bouncing on beds, sofas, and off the walls, come and bounce all over our studios instead! Release your inner tigger and boing, boing, boing your way over to Flying Fantastic Peckham for this fantastic fun workshop.

It's everyone's favorite 2 disciplines; bungee and slings! This three hour workshop will focus on two main disciplines. Aerial Slings and super bouncy bungees! Three hours of flipping, bouncing, rolling and spinning! What's not to like? So if you fancy some bouncy, spinny action this summer, this 3 hour workshop could be just the ticket! Absolutely no previous experience necessary. Suitable for ages 7-17

28th of August 2021. Flying Fantastic Peckham. From 9.30am - 12.30pm. £45

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Why not spend a morning upside-down and spinning! 
This is part of our Peckham Summer of Circus Sessions! Every Saturday we have options for adults or children in Peckham. See the other workshops above!