Easter Aerial Circus Festival

We're so excited about reopening, we're running a series of Aerial Circus Festivals over the Easter holidays!

Week Long Aerial Festivals

It's time to give our superheroes back their aerial wings! We have an action packed schedule of climbing, flying, spinning, and bouncing lined up. We will have all the usual favorites; silks, slings, hoop and trapeze plus a few ground-based disciplines like hula hooping and juggling.  As well as some more unusual disciplines like Spanish Web (Bankside and Peckham) and bungee (Peckham only)! Its going to be be busy, we have a lot of airtime to catch up on. Whether you're a regular student or completely new to aerial, there'll be something for everyone.

Peckham and Bankside 10am-4pm 12th-16th April £350 for ages 7-11 & 12-16 

Peckham Bankside Bankside Teens

2 day Aerial Circus Festival

We're offering a shorter, 2-day Aerial Festival in Wimbledon, but it'll be no less fun! We'll be flying on Hoop, Trapeze, Slings and Silks, as well as a little hulahooping and juggling to give tired hands a rest!

Wimbledon 10am-4pm 15th-16th April  £160 for ages 7-11 & 12-16