Half Term & Holiday Workshops

We run a variety of different workshops across our different venues in the school holidays. We have 6 hr workshops running over 2 days, full day workshops and sometimes a full week of upside down time. These sessions are aimed at giving newbies the chance to learn new superhero style aerial tricks and flips. We also run sessions for our more regular students who can't get enough airtime during the term! Please check what is on at your nearest venue below. And sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when the details of the new sessions are released. 
If we haven't got something on on the dates you would like, please get in touch, and if there are enough people interested we can maybe set it up for you! 

February Half Term Dates
In Bankside and Wimbledon, we have our regular 6 hour workshops giving a taste of all our favorite aerial disciplines. 
Bankside: 18th of February 10am-4pm
Wimbledon: 18th of February 9.30am-3.30pm

In Peckham we are doing 2 full days for all those aerial fans who can't get enough. 
14th & 15th of February 10am-4pm

Easter Dates
In Bankside and Wimbledon, once again we are offering 6 hour workshops
Bankside: 8th of April 10am-4pm
Wimbledon: 7th & 8th of April 9.30am-12.30pm

In Peckham, back by popular demand is our week-long aerial festival!
Our aerial festival is jam-packed with upside-down fun including; silks, slings, hoop, trapeze, bungee, and even a few aerial surprises. 
4th - 8th of April 10am-4pm

Bankside Wimbledon Peckham

More Information

Your children will do a mixture of hoop/ trapeze, silks and slings. They will also try their hand at some ground based circus skills, to give their hands a rest. This workshop is a great way to try aerial for any newbees. 
For our regular students these workshops allow a bit more time than our regular classes to focus on new moves and get some upside down in the holidays!