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Been there. Love that. Get the T Shirt! We've got an awesome line up of merch available for you to get the aerial look outside of class, and when your feet are safely planted on the ground! We've Men's and Women's T shirts, Kids shirts, as well as some awesome Sweatshirts and other aerial goodies. We're constantly adding to the collection and are always keen on customer feedback - so if you can't see what you're after, or have an amazing idea for some aerial apparel, just let us know and we'll do what we can.

All orders are managed via a third-party provider, so please be sure to check the details of the sizing, colour etc as we're not able to accept any returns. If you'd like to try some items on before making a purchase, we hold unprinted stock in our Union Street studio, so feel free to pop by and try something on.

Kids Air Wear

Looking to get your own aerial equipment?

Obviously we'd rather you came to train with Flying Fantastic... however, if you can't get enough aerial action, and you're looking to get your own aerial equipment, then we have a great relationship with Firetoys - the UK's leading circus equipment provider.

We're not able to give you any health and safety adivce, but we're more than happy to share our experience on what equipment might be most suitable - we've tried and tested a LOT of aerial equipment and also know that some of our customers and trainers have strong opinions on what works best for them! Feel free to drop us a line for our thoughts and recommendations. 

Follow the link below, and enter the code 'aerialaddict' at checkout and the nice guys at Firetoys will give you a small discount on certain purchases. 

Purchase Circus Equipment